Provide youths with a recreational amateur hockey development program implemented through skill development and competition.

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The SECYH Sponsorship Program was created as a way for skaters to reduce their payments and also assist the Association with the funds they need to pay Association bills (Grow the game, equipment, website and other organization expenses).

Skaters, who choose to participate in the program, solicit area businesses for sponsorships. A portion of the money collected from the sponsors will be applied to the skater’s ice payment while the remainder of the money will be used to help fund the Association. Participation in this voluntary program allows skaters to reduce their ice payments. Attached is the available sponsorship rates and a breakdown of the Association and player distributions.


Step 1:

In an attempt to reduce multiple calls and visits to our sponsors and potential sponsors, people who wish to take advantage of this program to contact Matt Rembish, SECYH VP, prior to contacting the potential sponsor. You will be advised if any of the businesses are already being solicited by another member.


Step 2:

In addition to your phone call and/or email with a potential sponsor, these documents are to be given to a potential sponsor to explain the sponsorship program. Click on the link to open the document.


Step 3:

This is the sign-up form that a sponsor, or SECYH Member, fills in and forwards to the SECYH Sponsorship Director at the address listed on the form along with the payment. Click on the link to open the document.

Once the SECYH receives a sponsor’s payment, the Treasurer will credit the skater's account with their share of the sponsorship fee, as applicable. If the skater is paid in full for the current year, their share will roll over to the next season’s tuition. There is no limit on the number of sponsors a skater can get. Theoretically a skater’s entire ice fee could be paid by sponsors if the skater works for it. See sponsorship levels for more information.