Provide youths with a recreational amateur hockey development program implemented through skill development and competition.

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Southeastern Connecticut Youth Hockey (SECYH) Scholarship Application

(Click here for pdf version of Application)

Southeastern Connecticut Youth Hockey (SECYH) recognizes the need under certain circumstances for financial assistance for families with kids who want play hockey. Scholarships are made available through SECYH fundraising activities. SECYH will review a variety of criteria in order to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Team account payments, travel and equipment expenses are not funded by this program.

The goal of SECYH’s scholarship program is to provide financial support to those players who might otherwise be unable to participate in hockey. SECYH has an established process in place to implement a consistent and fair system to assess financial need. Only a limited number of scholarships are available based on SECYH’s ability to fundraise for this effort. It is not a guarantee that scholarship funds will be available every season and will be available on a season by season basis.


  • Players Mite age and above can request up to 50% off of tuition.
  • Player/Family encouraged to assist in fundraising or volunteer efforts. Sponsorship tuition kickbacks will first apply towards scholarship award before creating players remaining account balance. Ask a SECYH board member about our sponsorship program for more information.
  • Previous years volunteering and fundraising efforts may be considered for scholarship consideration.
  • Player must be in good standing with SECYH and exhibit a financial need.
  • Preference will be given to those families who qualify for government and public assistance programs such as school lunch assistance and WIC, as well as those families experiencing hardship.
  • Players must submit an application for each season they wish to be considered.

Please complete and submit if applicable, the following documents as part of your scholarship application:

  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Any applicable verification of economic need (ex, any state or local assistance programs)
  • Explanation of any special personal circumstances
  • Scholarship applications for the up-coming season can be submitted along with registration. The deadline will be set and communicated on a season by season basis. If hardship falls after this date within the season, you may still submit an application for review if scholarship funds are still available.

The Scholarship Committee will keep all documentation submitted, therefore please provide copies and keep your originals.

You will be contacted in the event there are any questions regarding your application and notified as soon as a decision has been made.

All application forms and information submitted will be kept confidential with the Scholarship committee. The scholarship forms shall be submitted to the treasurer who will provide to the scholarship committee for review. Email:

Please complete the below information to complete your application and submit to SECYH Treasurer ( for review and consideration by the SECYH Scholarship Committee:

Child’s Name:

Parent/Guardian Names:

Child’s Date of Birth:
Best means of communication:


List all dependents, DOB, and if they will be playing hockey for the respective season:

How many individuals will be residing in the household for the respective hockey season?

Are you receiving any other scholarships, grants, assistance?

What was your total income on your most recent tax return (line 22)?

What was your adjusted gross income on your most recent tax return (line 37)?

Reoccurring monthly/yearly expenses (ex, rent, mortgage payment, car payment, loan payments, etc.)

What amount of the financial responsibility for the children listed above will you able to cover for this season’s tuition?

Do you qualify for government and public assistance programs such as school lunch assistance and WIC?

Please have your player(s) provide a short essay as to why they enjoy and want to play hockey.

Please provide any additional pertinent information that you would like us to consider as part of your application for financial aid: